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Wholesale and Export Supplies

If you are interested in the supply of wheat, flour, oil and petroleum products, geological formations, goods and raw materials under annual contracts directly from the manufacturer, you can get actual offers.

Supply Of Urea 46

Urea 46

We can offer Urea from Turkmenistan (Urea 46). Delivery is carried out from the three largest plants in the country, which can provide large volumes of supplies up to 1 million tons per year.

Flour wholesale from Ingush Flour Mill

Flour wholesale

We are ready to supply wheat flour of the highest, first and second grades, in bulk, directly from the Ingush Flour Mill.

Wheat exports from Russia

Wheat - Exports

We have the opportunity to organize a contract for the supply of wheat grown in Russia, from the largest grain company, from its grain terminal.

Supply Bonny light crude oil

Crude oil (Bonny Light)

We are ready to offer the supply of Bonny Light crude oil from Nigeria, through a company with experience in the crude oil market. We appeal to you with an offer to organize the business of supplying of oil to refineries and companies.

World Of Amber

The level of skill of our specialists allows us to make Amber products of any complexity including Amber Canvases and Amber Tiles.


White, green Jade. Imperial Jadeite. From the deposits of Buryatia and the World. From ornamental to jewelry quality.


We carry out search, expertise and implementation of innovative technological solutions in [...]

We offer you the possibility of direct investment in transactions on the [...]

From a manufacturer that has unique technologies for working with amber, we [...]

In our Gallery of Amber Canvases AmberArt, you can find or order author’s [...]

We will prepare your project for funding and launch: • Developing a Business [...]

Rather than guessing about how best to organize the export of your [...]

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ProValue Industry Platform

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