From the Ingush Flour Mill

Wholesale supply of Flour

We offer supply of wheat Flour of the highest grade at 2022, within annual contracts, wholesale parties, directly from the Ingush Flour Mill.

  • Grades: highest, 1st, 2nd
  • Production capacity: 72 000 tons / month
  • Packaging: 50, 25, 10, 2 and 1 kg bags
  • Waterproof packages

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Flour wholesale

Environmentally friendly flour and grinding products of the highest quality

From the Manufacturer

Order flour at our plant, and get the most favorable conditions of wholesale purchase.


Shipment is made by all types of transport, including containers, big bags, cars, sea transport.

Domestic and Export

We are ready to quickly send flour from the mill for Russian buyers and for export.

Flour with a flour mill. Ingushetia. Wholesale delivery
Corridors of flour mill
Milling plant equipment
Demonstration of milling flour

Modern equipment

To optimize the grinding process, we have completely redesigned the production facilities. The capacity of the flour mill allows to obtain 2400 tons of flour per day after processing.

Flour wholesale from flour mill


Fully equipped granary for 80 000 tons of one-time storage, allows us to organize the completely waste-free processing cycle.


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Flour wholesale from flour mill

Flour wholesale

We offer supply of flour of the highest grade, 1st and 2nd grade, in volumes up to 600 thousand metric tons annually. The actual quality characteristics of flour are very high, because wheat is used for the production of not less than the 3rd class, and the buyer can easily check it.


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