Supercritical water

Heavy oil extraction


The technology developed by our company's specialists ensures the delivery of a heat carrier - supercritical water (SCW), with a temperature of up to 500℃, to a depth of up to 7000 meters, and allows efficient extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves.

  • Production of up to 240 tons of SCW per day
  • 1 ton of SCW, ensures 1 - 15 tons of super-produced oil
  • The payback period of the complex is 6 - 8 months
  • Environmentally friendly technology

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Mobile complex

Extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves

The mobile complex - SCW-TRIZ, which has no world analogues, manufactured using the patented technology of supercritical water cracking (SCWC), can arrive on its own to an existing or developed oil well, deploy within a day, start supplying heat carrier to a depth not accessible to other equipment. A significant increase in the profitability of oil production.

  • Oil production depth: up to 7000 meters
  • Reservoir heating temperature: T up to 500℃
  • Physical pressure: P up to 40 MPa
  • Physical pressure at the bottom of the well: P up to 60 MPa
  • The increase in the Oil Recovery Coefficient: up to 65% and more
  • Extraction of heavy, high-viscosity, paraffin oil
  • Extraction of kerogens - solid, immature oil
Extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves-TRIZ

Types of wells

SCW allows to extract oil from previously developed and depleted wells

After Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing prepares a network of channels extracting 10%, and then SCWC extracts another 70-80% of oil reserves

Coiled tubing

Delivery of SCW into the well, by a system of flexible continuous pipes, without loss of temperature

Extraction up to 80%

Tests of SCW on the cores of the Bazhenov formation showed an Oil Recovery Coefficient of 80%

Equipment for the extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves - SCW-TRIZ

The equipment has been successfully launched and has been operating in industrial mode since 2018 at the Lukoil-Komi field in Usinsk.

  • About 50 wells have been processed
  • Additional oil production from the well: 2780-3400 tons (medium)
  • Tests of SCW on the Bazhenov formation showed Oil Extraction - 80%

The composition of the complex

The main units of the SCW-TRIZ are manufactured by us in a modular design. It is transported on general-purpose roads, within permissible loads

Auxiliary equipment

Steam separator, storage unit for materials and spare parts, other equipment, transported in 20 or 40 foot containers

Ground and underground equipment 

Ensures the delivery of the heat carrier to a given depth

Complex Control Unit


Complex of extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves SCW-TRIZ

Water Treatment unit

Mechanical cleaning, osmosis, softening, deoxygenation of water, etc. All equipment is placed in a 40-foot container

Boiler and pumping units

Equipment with a total weight of 30 tons, placed on a low-frame semi-trailer

Storage tanks

For clean and mineralized water of 30 m3 or 60 m3. Transported by auxiliary transport

Supercritical water

The use of supercritical water (SCW) for the extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves

Supercritical water (SCW) is chemically pure water heated under high pressure. The critical point of the beginning of the formation of SCW is 374 ℃, at a pressure of 21.8 MPa.

The optimum temperature of the heat carrier for injection into oil-bearing formations is up to 500℃, at a pressure of up to 45 MPa.

In the presence of oil sludge and asphaltene sediments in the soil, it is possible to use "closed cycle" technology - waste disposal in the SCW stream with subsequent use of the resulting decay products in the process of oil production.

The use of SCW in oil extraction:

  • Chemically pure water is used, without additives
  • The effect of heating the reservoir – 6 months or more
  • Modification of heavy oil into light
  • Reduction of sulfur content in oil
  • Significant increase in the profitability of oil extraction

The impact of SCW on the Environment:

  • Disposal of oil sludge and oiled soils
  • Elimination of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
  • Disposal of flue gases together with heat carrier in the well
  • Environmentally friendly technology

Hard-to-recover oil reserves

Extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves

More than 70% of all world oil reserves belong to hard-to-recover (HTR), the extraction of which, without the use of methods of increasing oil recovery, is economically unprofitable.

The constantly growing share of HTR in the total volume of recoverable oil reserves, and their location at depths of 1000-3000 meters, requires the use of new methods to increase the oil recovery coefficient. The most effective method of increasing the oil recovery coefficient, taking into account the depth of the main oil-bearing formations, is the technology of pumping supercritical water - SCW.

Until 2025, oil and gas companies will need at least 500 SCW-TRIZ complexes in only one oil-producing region of Russia to maintain production at the current level. The market for the use of the complex is global.

500 SCW-TRIZ complexes for the economy, this is:

  • 3000 jobs in manufacturing and assembly
  • 1800 jobs in the operation of complexes
  • 300 jobs for repair and maintenance
  • 50 specialists to adapt the technology in the fields
  • Export of high-tech equipment
  • Development of domestic technologies
  • The use of the industrial potential of defense enterprises in the production of civilian products
  • The growing prestige of Russian technologies and equipment in the world


Closed-loop technology

Taking into account the ability of supercritical water to oxidize organic matter into simple and environmentally friendly substances - into CO2, water and thermal energy, the equipment allows, in parallel with oil production, to dispose of oil sludge and oiled soils, remove asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits, implementing closed-cycle technology.

Exclusion of flaring of associated petroleum gas

Modification of heavy oil into light, low-sulfur

Dispose of oil sludge and oiled soils

The equipment is suitable for

The block-modular mobile complex SCW-TRIZ, for the extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves, is suitable for

Oil producing companies

The equipment will double the total volume of oil produced from each well, reducing its cost

Oilfield service companies

Receive payment from the owners of the field, for each ton of heat carrier pumped into the well

Investors and Leasing co.

Fast payback of equipment in 6-8 months, and a significant return on invested capital

Owners of deposits

The use of SCW-TRIZ equipment will allow to expand oil production, reducing its cost and improving the quality

Banks and Financial organizations

Provide the buyer with a loan for the purchase of SCW-TRIZ complexes, which will increase the company's profits and reliably ensure payments

Environmentalists, Activists and Officials

Fight for the introduction of environmentally friendly closed-cycle oil production technology with disposing of oil sludge

Supercritical water for oil production

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Member of the "Union of Oil and Gas Industrialists of Russia"
Participant of the National project "Bazhen"

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