ProValue Industry

  • Supply of raw materials, goods and equipment;
  • Industrial, social, infrastructure projects;
  • Support of international business.

Who are we?

Welcome to the ProValue International Commodity Platform.

We are engaged in the organization of contracts for the supply of equipment, technologies, goods and raw materials like flour and wheat, jade, sugar, metals and geological formations, crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, coal, mineral fertilizers and other goods.

We are working on the development and launch of industrial projects in the field of machine-tool construction, mining and processing of minerals, protein production, and utilization of municipal solid waste, ash sludge, oil slags. We are developing social and infrastructure projects.

Our suppliers and partners work in Russia, Turkey, China and Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Italy, Bulgaria, Thailand, UAE, Israel, Singapore, USA and other countries of the world.

Plant for the production of sulphuric acid turnkey

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Industrialization Of Russia;
  • Expansion of foreign economic, industrial and trade relations;
  • Development and launch of industrial projects;
  • Investment activity;
  • Unite the World.

Any Suggestion?

Contact us and we will find suitable forms of cooperation.


We work flexibly in different markets and change as needed. For a number of products there may be quotas and restrictions associated with previously contracted volumes depending on the time of the year of the client's appeal. 

The entire procedure is given on the relevant pages of the site. Therefore, we offer the buyer to contact us individually on specific products.

Our job is not done until we connect you to the source(s) of your desire, at a price that is fair and affordable.

ProValue Industry

Areas of work

Investment projects in various regions of the world, the use of patented technologies, the introduction of products to foreign markets, the audit of companies, the development of export strategy, the selection of partners, the organization of business missions, the conclusion and support of investment and trade contracts.

Mobilization of The Economy of Russia
  • System of strategic planning and economic management;
  • The trajectory of Russia's advanced development;
  • A person in a new society.
ProValue Industry Distributed Production System

the system connecting of small and private producers and their consumers, logistics, services and infrastructure into a single Distributed Production System.

 The project "Production of Author's products"
 The project "From local Farmers"
 Joint Procurement Project
 Project "Local production"

Extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves-TRIZ

The mobile complex SCW-TRIZ, which has no world analogues, manufactured using the patented technology of generation of supercritical water (SCW), provides delivery of a heat carrier with a temperature of up to 500℃, to a depth of up to 7000 meters into oil well, and allows efficient and environmentally friendly extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves, including heavy, high-viscosity, paraffin oil.

Export Center "Russia-Africa"

For Russian exporters and manufacturers, we offer the promotion of your products to new markets, the organization of joint ventures for the development of regions and the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

✔ Bringing Russian products to the markets of African countries;
✔ Supplies of raw materials, goods and equipment;
✔ Construction of industrial, social and infrastructure projects;
✔ Support of international business.

World Of Amber

The level of skill of our specialists allows us to make Amber products of any complexity including Amber Canvases and Amber Tiles.


We offer jewelry quality minerals from the deposits of Russia and the World.


White, green Jade. Imperial Jadeite. From the deposits of Buryatia and the World. Ornamental to jewelry quality.

For Suppliers

We constantly expand, open new markets, and we invite to cooperation with direct suppliers of primary raw materials, and also export goods.

If you are ready to offer our customers competitive terms of delivery, annual contracts, spot and wholesale parties, we will be glad to cooperate with you.

To suppliers concerning the organization of commodity contracts

A good supplier is dedicated to...