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Amber Tiles from the manufacturer

From a manufacturer that has unique technologies for working with amber, we are pleased to offer you Premium natural Amber Tiles for interior inlays, bar counters, bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture, up to limousine and yacht salons.

Amber room of your dreams

In our AmberTiles Workshop, any product goes the full way, from the idea and design project, through the development of engineering and technical plan of the room design, and then to the production of amber tiles and mosaics of any complexity, its delivery and installation in the customer’s country.

The experience and skill level of our specialists allow us to make orders for interior decoration with amber of any complexity, as well as to produce amber canvases, icons, products, furniture inlay with amber, Lux – Souvenirs and more.

• Development of a design project
• Development of a complete construction project
• Delivery and Installation at the customer’s construction site

• More than 280 shades of amber
• Combined elements and mosaics
• Jewelry fraction of natural amber
• Color and fraction selection, and calibration of the stone

Design and production of amber tiles

Amber tiles in the sun - AmberTiles

With or without visiting the customer’s object (by agreement), on the basis of photos and dimensions of the object, our designers create a design project, develop a package with a complete construction project, drawings, calculations, specifications.

The design uses more than 280 shades of amber jewelry fraction, including combined elements and mosaics. Tiles are made by pressing natural amber and warming the product in certain conditions.

We have carried out many years of testing, and created a unique technological process that allows us to proudly present premium quality amber tiles.

Amber tiles in the sun - AmberTiles

Each batch of tiles has its own unique pattern, but it is impossible to notice the difference with the naked eye. Precisely chosen color and tone, as well as the fraction of the stone and its calibration, allow us to achieve a rich texture of the surface, exactly corresponding to the developed design.

In the production and cutting of tiles, to ensure accuracy, we use modern equipment with a laser cutter and software control.

Today the capacity of the factory is up to 25m2 of each model per month (AT1 – AT10), and we are ready to give a 1-year warranty for all our products.

The weight of one square meter of tile is 8.5-11kg.

You can learn more about amber tiles from the Workshop Catalog and Commercial offer on the factory’s website.

Folder with amber samples for demonstration
Folder with amber samples for demonstration

Delivery, installation and care

We are able to arrange delivery of tiles prepared for your object to any region of the World, with shipment from Ukraine or Poland. At the same time, we will provide official export documents and confirmation of the naturalness of the stone.

Delivery time to Europe / Asia / Middle East is from 20 days.

Post-warranty service provides surface treatment 3 times a year. The client can perform the planned surface treatment independently. To do this, we provide a special set for surface care, with instructions for use. Or it can be done by our experts.

Amber Tile inlay of the aircraft interior
Amber Tile inlay of the aircraft interior

Amber tile catalog

You can learn more about amber tiles on the AmberTiles Factory page. From creating an interior design to producing a completed amber canvas, we create an irresistible work that will tell your unique story.

Enter your email address and get a PDF Catalog and commercial offer, with prices and conditions for the production of tiles for your project.

Get Catalog of “Amber Tiles” >>>

Elements of amber tiles
Elements of amber tiles

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