The first Caspian Eeconomic Forum was held in Turkmenistan (2019)

Caspian forum has simplified the export from Turkmenistan

The first Caspian Economic Forum was held in Turkmenistan. It was attended by the heads of governments of five coastal countries, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Caspian economic forum is not only a platform for cooperation between the member States of the Caspian Convention, but also a driver for the development of new projects in the region.

Gas turbine generators THM 1304-12N

Sale of Gas Turbine Generator THM 1304-12N

We offer completely new gas Turbine of MAN Diesel & Turbo company, Germany, 2013-2015 year of production. They are on storage in port of South Korea, and are ready to sale to the final buyer. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase them at a substantial discount from the original price, and immediately send to your facility, and not expect the production of new units for more than 2 years.

Sale of dismantled refinery from Dubai

Sale of dismantled refinery from Dubai

For sale crude oil refinery from Dubai. The equipment is dismantled, and stored under the reporting. The cost of sale is less than 10% of the cost of similar equipment.

The supply of Sulfur from Turkmenistan

The supply of Sulfur from Turkmenistan

On behalf of the trade and logistics company, we can offer you Granular Sulfur from Turkmenistan. Delivery is conducted from the largest concern of chemical production, volumes from 3000 tons.

Order 3 000 christmas trees equipment in Kuwait

Order 3 000 christmas tree equipment in Kuwait

Delivery of 3,000 high pressure and temperature christmas tree equipment to Kuwait is required. API specification 6A (ISO 10423). Before the transaction, the buyer’s specialist will visit the seller’s production.

20K H2S downhole equipment for deep wells, more than 4500 meters deep.

For delivery on this request, please contact us >>>

Investment project for the production of Jade Crystals

Investment project for the production of Jade Crystals

The company, located in Hong Kong, launches the production of jade crystals in the factories of Thailand and China, for corporate and ritual customers.

HSBC Bank, China Telecom and many other corporations interesting to order our corporate gifts with natural jade crystal for their customers to bring them good luck, attract wealth, enhance health.

We invite investors to take part of the project!

Уголь - Антрацит

Request for Anthracite 2000mt – 10000mt/mo

For the purposes of use at metallurgical plants, we request Coking Coal (Anthracite), according to the specification listed in this request.

Miners go to the extraction of jade in Myanmar

How do miners die on Jade mining in the mountains of Myanmar?

The beauty and value of jade, as well as the multi-billion dollar profits in the jade industry, can only be compared to the extreme poverty and despair that affects the miners and workers in the jade mining in the mountains of Myanmar (Burma).

Let’s see what is behind the large mining companies for the extraction of jade.

Jade from Buryatia and other fields of Russia and the World

Jade from Buryatia and other fields of Russia and the World

For several millennia, people have been using Jade to create the most important spiritual objects, and are constantly using it in tactile meditation to comprehend themselves and the world.

Jade products are pleasant, not only for contemplation, but also to the touch. All kinds of jade stones are extremely durable, their structure, strength is not inferior to steel, as created from fibrous tissues.

Let’s see what kinds of jade are most valued in the world!

Jewelry to order from Bangkok

Jewelry to order from Bangkok

Bangkok is famous not only for its deposits of precious stones and minerals, but also is one of the largest jewelry center in Asia.

Today we will consider what products you can find for yourself in the capital of Thailand.

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