Amber interior inlay - AmberTiles

Amber Tiles from the manufacturer

From a manufacturer that has unique technologies for working with amber, we are pleased to offer you Premium natural Amber Tiles for interior inlays, bar counters, bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture, up to limousine and yacht salons.

Amber products on the table - AmberArt

Amber canvases and items from AmberArt

In our Gallery of Amber Canvases AmberArt, you can find or order author’s amber products of any complexity, including amber canvases, icons, beads, Lux souvenirs, as well as amber tiles for inlaid furniture, walls or floors, baths, kitchens, limousine and yacht salons.

Development of a business plan, financial plan, and feasibility study

Development of a Business plan and Feasibility Study

We will prepare your project for funding and launch:

• Developing a Business plan;
• Creation of financial model of the enterprise;
• Calculation of future cash flows;
• Feasibility Study;
• Calculation of Risk tolerance.

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Meetings with relevant agencies in the right country

Organization of Business Missions and Diplomacy

Rather than guessing about how best to organize the export of your products and technologies to a new market, it is better to go yourself and hold direct negotiations with the leading companies in the region, and we will organize everything.

• Organization of business missions;
• Organization of meetings (without intermediaries) with leading companies in the regions;
• Meetings with relevant state structures;
• Verification of the legal status, reliability and financial viability of partners;
• Lobbying your interests in the region.

We work with companies in many countries around the world and are ready to promote your interests in the required regions.

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Организация международных переговоров ProValue Industry

Support of Export Transactions

For businesses that want to export we will provide:

• Development of an Export Strategy;
• Selection of partners, search for customers and orders;
• Organizing business missions and meetings;
• Negotiations, agreement of contract terms;
• Conclusion and support of trade and investment contracts;
• Customs clearance, documentation support;
• Lobbying your interests in the region.

We will ensure your company’s access to international markets, participation in state projects, tenders, and state contracts.

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Online sales and comprehensive promotion of your business

Marketing and Sales Funnel for your business

We are ready to organize international online sales and comprehensive promotion of your business.

• Developing a marketing strategy;
• Creating and implementing a Sales Funnel;
• Creating an online store;
• Preparing product pages;
• Organization and management of advertising companies;
• Developing your Brand;
• Access to B2B Marketplaces.

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The solving of banking and financial issues

Issues of Financial Instruments (BG/SBLC/LC)

We are an authorized financial services provider, cooperate with the world’s leading banks and are ready to provide comprehensive financial services in the field of financial instruments:

• Bank Guarantee – BG;
• Stand-by Letter of Credit – SBLC;
• Documentary Letter of Credit – DLC;

We invite investors to participate in construction projects

Investments in construction projects under 44 Federal Law

For investment funds and private investors, we are ready to offer participation in construction projects paid for under the 44th Federal Law in Russian Federation.

• Minimum investment: from 5 million rubles;
• Profit distribution: 50% / 50%;
• Return on investment: from 30% per annum.

The first Caspian Eeconomic Forum was held in Turkmenistan (2019)

Caspian forum has simplified the export from Turkmenistan

The first Caspian Economic Forum was held in Turkmenistan. It was attended by the heads of governments of five coastal countries, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Caspian economic forum is not only a platform for cooperation between the member States of the Caspian Convention, but also a driver for the development of new projects in the region.

Gas turbine generators THM 1304-12N

Sale of Gas Turbine Generator THM 1304-12N

We offer completely new gas Turbine of MAN Diesel & Turbo company, Germany, 2013-2015 year of production. They are on storage in port of South Korea, and are ready to sale to the final buyer. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase them at a substantial discount from the original price, and immediately send to your facility, and not expect the production of new units for more than 2 years.

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