Supply of commodities

Supply of commodities

For our buyers we are ready to offer the organization and carrying out deliveries of raw materials, - crude oil and oil products, wheat, flour, sugar, mineral fertilizers, sunflower oil, jade, and some others. The goods are offered in the frames of the execution of international annual contracts, without intermediaries and brokers on our part.

We are ready to sell the commodity as detailed below subject to agreement on terms and conditions and subject to our acceptance of the final contract.

Investment participation in commodity contracts ProValue

Investment participation in Commodity Contracts

We are engaged in the organization and conduct of transactions for the supply of goods (petroleum products, wheat, sugar, fertilizers, etc.), as part of the execution of international annual contracts.

We provide investors with the opportunity to participate in trading activities on the basis of financial instruments. The trader's company with its money as an advance payment, buys volumes from the resource holder, with subsequent sale to end buyers. Additional participation of the investor will optimize and expand the relationship between the Executive company, the resource holder and the potential buyer, increasing the volume of supply.

When working on a fixed interest, the company undertakes to: accept the instrument, pay % of the amount of financing every 30 days, and return the instrument after 12 months without any encumbrances, or return the monetization amount.

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