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Coal Supply from Indonesia

Coal Supply from Indonesia

On behalf of the large Eurasian trading company specializing in the trade of natural resources, we offer for sale steam (energy) coal from Indonesia, for power-generating plants and enterprises of the steel and chemical industries.

• Product: Indonesia Steam (energy) Coal in bulk; • Origin: Indonesia, Kalimantan Island, eastern or southern parts; • Quality: GAR 3200 – GAR 6200; • Quantity: 50,000 MT – 200 000MT (±10%) per mo. x 12 months (annual contract); • Terms of Delivery: FOB port in Indonesia /CIF ASWP (any safe world port); • Certification: SGS / SUCOFINDO / other independent inspection;

Extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves-TRIZ

Nature-like technology of heavy oil extraction – SCW-TRIZ

The ongoing changes in the global energy sector require a thorough analysis and an adequate response from Russia, the world leader in hydrocarbon production. With the right and timely actions, they open up an opportunity for leadership through the consolidation of industry, science, business with the oil and gas industry, which is vital for the country, and which will be in demand for decades.

It is no secret that when oil is extracted, over 70% of its reserves remain in the subsurface. But it is necessary to maintain production, for this new fields are being developed, wells are being drilled. But the limit is coming, and the light oil resources that the world community uses are running out. And there remain hard-to-recover reserves, which make up the majority of all world oil reserves.

Bio-fertilizer based on peat

Bio-fertilizer based on peat

For advanced agricultural enterprises, farmers and private farms engaged in organic farming, we offer an agricultural product based on lowland peat, which is a complex of biologically active organic substances, especially humic and fulvic acids, which excludes chemical and thermal effects during production.

• Increase in the growth of crops: 15-80%;
• Strengthening the energy of germination;
• Improving the physical properties of the soil;
• Increased erosion resistance;
• Complex of biologically active organic substances;
• Absence of chemical and thermal effects;
• Direct contract with the manufacturer;
• Shipment and export from Russia;

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Top quality Condorelli coffee wholesale from Italy

Supply of Italian Condorelli coffee

On behalf of the exclusive distributor in Russia and the CIS countries of the Italian coffee producer of the highest world quality, the Condorelli brand, we are ready to offer you the supply of coffee from a warehouse in Moscow.

Condorelli coffee is included in the TOP3 best world brands, and will not leave indifferent all connoisseurs of the true taste of natural coffee.

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Official supplier of Heinkel Gas Piston Generators in Russia

Heinkel Gas Piston Generators

To ensure the power supply of autonomous stations, cottage settlements, mining sites, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of important infrastructure sites, such as hospitals, we offer to use a line of gas-piston generators in the range from 10 kW to 25 MW, as well as power plants for uninterrupted power supply and backup power systems manufactured by Heinkel.

Gas piston generators with the MTU 20V4000 L32 engine, manufactured by Rolls Royce, from the official representative of Heinkel in Russia and the CIS:

• Electric power: 1948 kW
• Heat output: 2136 kW
• Generator: 2560 kVA
• Generator voltage: 230/400 V
• Fuel type: Natural Gas
• Fuel consumption at 100% load (8000 kcal/nm3): 492 nm3/h
• Engine speed: 1500 rpm

In stock 12ed in Germany. Shipment within 20 days, after signing and paying the contract.

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Amber interior inlay - AmberTiles

Amber Tiles from the manufacturer

From a manufacturer that has unique technologies for working with amber, we are pleased to offer you Premium natural Amber Tiles for interior inlays, bar counters, bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture, up to limousine and yacht salons.

Amber products on the table - AmberArt

Amber canvases and items from AmberArt

In our Gallery of Amber Canvases AmberArt, you can find or order author’s amber products of any complexity, including amber canvases, icons, beads, Lux souvenirs, as well as amber tiles for inlaid furniture, walls or floors, baths, kitchens, limousine and yacht salons.

Development of a business plan, financial plan, and feasibility study

Development of a Business plan and Feasibility Study

We will prepare your project for funding and launch:

• Developing a Business plan;
• Creation of financial model of the enterprise;
• Calculation of future cash flows;
• Feasibility Study;
• Calculation of Risk tolerance.

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Meetings with relevant agencies in the right country

Organization of Business Missions and Diplomacy

Rather than guessing about how best to organize the export of your products and technologies to a new market, it is better to go yourself and hold direct negotiations with the leading companies in the region, and we will organize everything.

• Organization of business missions;
• Organization of meetings (without intermediaries) with leading companies in the regions;
• Meetings with relevant state structures;
• Verification of the legal status, reliability and financial viability of partners;
• Lobbying your interests in the region.

We work with companies in many countries around the world and are ready to promote your interests in the required regions.

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Организация международных переговоров ProValue Industry

Support of Export Transactions

For businesses that want to export we will provide:

• Development of an Export Strategy;
• Selection of partners, search for customers and orders;
• Organizing business missions and meetings;
• Negotiations, agreement of contract terms;
• Conclusion and support of trade and investment contracts;
• Customs clearance, documentation support;
• Lobbying your interests in the region.

We will ensure your company’s access to international markets, participation in state projects, tenders, and state contracts.

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