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Project for the production of Gaprin (protein from natural gas)

Production of Haprin (protein from gas)

We invite investors to the Project for the production of Gaprin, biomass with a high protein content (70-79%), vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

Gaprin is used as a feed protein supplement for all age groups and all types of farm animals, poultry and fish. It is part of compound feeds. GAPRIN is a full-fledged substitute for fishmeal of the highest quality.

The harmlessness of the bioprotein from methane has been proven by its long-term use as feed additives to animals.

Implementation period: 36 months. • Payback period: 5-6 years

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Investments in Methanol production

Project of a Methanol production plant

We invite investors to the M-130 Project “Construction of a methanol production plant”, the plant’s capacity is 130 thousand tons per year.

Agreements were reached both on the supply of raw materials for production and on the purchase of the entire volume of methanol produced. A site for the construction of a plant with infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the source of raw materials and consumers of the product has been approved. On the basis of this plant, a gas-chemical cluster is being created in the KhMAO. A team of highly qualified specialists has been assembled for the installation, commissioning and operation of the enterprise, the technology is at the appropriate modern level.

Project implementation period: 28mo;
• Payback period: 5.5 years (66 months);
• Time to the point without loss: 3 years;

• Capacity: 130 thousand tons / year of methanol GOST2222-95;
• Launch region: Nizhnevartovsk, KhMAO;

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Investments in Public Procurement

Investments in State Procurement and Tenders

A group of Trade and Production Companies (TPC), specializing in the supply of goods and services under government contracts, invites Investors to participate directly.

We offer investors direct participation in government contracts (public procurement / tenders) “turnkey”. TPC undertakes the full scope of work on the participation of the Investor Company in tenders for 44 Federal Law, carries out deliveries from its production facilities under signed contracts, and conducts a full document flow of all transactions.

The investor does not transfer his funds to anyone, controls all contracts and cash flows, earns a reputation as a reliable supplier and accumulates all profits on his company.

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Implementation of Innovative Technologies

Implementation of Innovative Technologies

We carry out search, expertise and implementation of innovative technological solutions in the industry:

Implementation of innovative technologies and advanced solutions;
• Equipment modernization;
• Industrial automation;
• Technology commercialization;
• Improving energy efficiency and resource saving.

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Investment in Africa’s raw materials

Investment in Africa’s raw materials

We offer you the possibility of direct investment in transactions on the most profitable raw material assets in Africa (diamonds, gold, coffee, cocoa, etc.), along with the establishment of relations on any other issues of interest in the region.

The solving of banking and financial issues

Issues of Financial Instruments (BG/SBLC/LC)

We are an authorized financial services provider, cooperate with the world’s leading banks and are ready to provide comprehensive financial services in the field of financial instruments:

• Bank Guarantee – BG;
• Stand-by Letter of Credit – SBLC;
• Documentary Letter of Credit – DLC;

We invite investors to participate in construction projects

Investments in construction projects under 44 Federal Law

For investment funds and private investors, we are ready to offer participation in construction projects paid for under the 44th Federal Law in Russian Federation.

• Minimum investment: from 5 million rubles;
• Profit distribution: 50% / 50%;
• Return on investment: from 30% per annum.

Investment project for the production of Jade Crystals

Investment project for the production of Jade Crystals

The company, located in Hong Kong, launches the production of jade crystals in the factories of Thailand and China, for corporate and ritual customers.

HSBC Bank, China Telecom and many other corporations interesting to order our corporate gifts with natural jade crystal for their customers to bring them good luck, attract wealth, enhance health.

We invite investors to take part of the project!

Investment participation in commodity contracts ProValue

Investment participation in Commodity Contracts

We are engaged in the organization and conduct of transactions for the supply of goods (petroleum products, wheat, sugar, fertilizers, etc.), as part of the execution of international annual contracts.

We provide investors with the opportunity to participate in trading activities on the basis of financial instruments. The trader's company with its money as an advance payment, buys volumes from the resource holder, with subsequent sale to end buyers. Additional participation of the investor will optimize and expand the relationship between the Executive company, the resource holder and the potential buyer, increasing the volume of supply.

When working on a fixed interest, the company undertakes to: accept the instrument, pay % of the amount of financing every 30 days, and return the instrument after 12 months without any encumbrances, or return the monetization amount.