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The first Caspian Eeconomic Forum was held in Turkmenistan (2019)

Caspian forum has simplified the export from Turkmenistan

The first Caspian Economic Forum was held in Turkmenistan. It was attended by the heads of governments of five coastal countries, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Caspian economic forum is not only a platform for cooperation between the member States of the Caspian Convention, but also a driver for the development of new projects in the region.

Miners go to the extraction of jade in Myanmar

How do miners die on Jade mining in the mountains of Myanmar?

The beauty and value of jade, as well as the multi-billion dollar profits in the jade industry, can only be compared to the extreme poverty and despair that affects the miners and workers in the jade mining in the mountains of Myanmar (Burma).

Let’s see what is behind the large mining companies for the extraction of jade.