History Of ProValue


Training at the Academy ProValue

February 2014

The Academy ProValue

In February 2014, the ProValue Academy was created by Andrey Makarsky and Vasiliy Deynega. The foundations of the development of the ProValue Group were laid.

The main direction of the Academy was the training of the still unknown in the CIS practical “Value Investing” and “Smart Speculation” using advanced option strategies. Work began with both absolute newcomers and financially experienced people.

Value Investing

Options as a means of Smart Speculation

Investment Almanac

What do they say about ProValue on Wall Street?

What does the name "ProValue" mean?


Year 2015

ProValue Group

Literally Jan 2015 ProValue expanding the group of activities, runs the Community, we organize seminars, kicks off our first Investment Conference, the work begins on financing industrial projects.

ProValue Community Materials

ProValue Community

You should treat our community as a closed-end Hedge Fund. All members have access to internal investment information, whether the ideas, analysis, trading strategies, etc., May participate in conferences, to learn, grow and earn.

The community gathers ambitious, active people who would like to participate in internal conferences to analyze and discuss strategies and ideas. Who is engaged in practical investment in the stock market, or intends to do so.

The Conference ProValue

ProValue Conference

The ProValue team has prepared a leading online conference of professional traders and investors.

More than 3000 participants, 10 days of active training, where the listener can get acquainted with the current trends of financial markets, gain new knowledge and be able to learn from the best representatives of the industry.

Subsequently, ProValue conferences become regular.


ProValue Team

A Team of traders, investors, analysts is being formed.

Solid team

The path in the Team

There is an opportunity for our students to participate in our internal research, and gain access to resources and strategies to communicate with successful traders.




ProValue Team

Coal mining

Financing of projects

Active work is underway with direct investors in the real sectors of the economy, to Finance projects for gold mining, wood processing, Metalworking.


ProValue Analytics stock analysis tools

Year 2016

ProValue Analytics

The tools for the collection and analysis of financial statements of companies in retrospect 5 - 20 years.

Analysis Of Stock

Comparison with Competitors

Stock and Option Scanners

Participation in IPO / Secondary / OTC


Year 2017

Financial instruments

Began active work with the Bank's financial instruments, - BG (Bank Guarantee) / SBLC (Stand-by Letter of Credit) / LC (Letter of Credit) / DC (Deposit Certificates) / SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt) / MTN (Medium Term Note).

Issuance of instruments from the world's leading banks, and attraction of financing for an industrial projects secured by securities.


Supply of commodities

Commodity Contracts

The development of international trade, organization and support of commodity contracts began.

Our suppliers and partners work in Russia, China and Hong Kong, Nigeria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Bulgaria, Thailand, UAE, Israel, Singapore, USA. A number of projects are located in other countries of the world.

Natural Gas and hydrocarbon fractions

Crude Oil and petroleum products

Nephrite and Jadeite (Jade)

Wheat for export

Flour wholesale



Years 2019 - 2022

ProValue Industry

The International trading platform ProValue Industry for organizing and execution of commodity contracts, financing and construction of industrial, social and infrastructure projects has been launched.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • Industrialization of Russia;
  • Expansion of foreign economic, industrial and trade relations;
  • Development and launch of industrial projects;
  • Investment activity;
  • Unite the World.
Mobilization of The Economy of Russia
  • System of strategic planning and economic management;
  • The trajectory of Russia's advanced development;
  • A person in a new society.
ProValue Industry Distributed Production System

the system connecting of small and private producers and their consumers, logistics, services and infrastructure into a single Distributed Production System.

 The project "Production of Author's products"
 The project "From local Farmers"
 Joint Procurement Project
 Project "Local production"

Extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves-TRIZ

The mobile complex SCW-TRIZ, which has no world analogues, manufactured using the patented technology of generation of supercritical water (SCW), provides delivery of a heat carrier with a temperature of up to 500℃, to a depth of up to 7000 meters into oil well, and allows efficient and environmentally friendly extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves, including heavy, high-viscosity, paraffin oil.

Export Center "Russia-Africa"

For Russian exporters and manufacturers, we offer the promotion of your products to new markets, the organization of joint ventures for the development of regions and the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

✔ Bringing Russian products to the markets of African countries;
✔ Supplies of raw materials, goods and equipment;
✔ Construction of industrial, social and infrastructure projects;
✔ Support of international business.

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