The solving of banking and financial issues

Issues of Financial Instruments (BG/SBLC/LC)

We are an authorized financial services provider, cooperate with the world’s leading banks and are ready to provide comprehensive financial services in the field of financial instruments:

• Bank Guarantee – BG;
• Stand-by Letter of Credit – SBLC;
• Documentary Letter of Credit – DLC;

These financial instruments can be used as borrowed collateral to attract financing for your own projects, as collateral for obtaining a credit line, as well as as a guarantee of payment issued from the Buyer to the Supplier’s Bank, to secure purchase and sale agreement.

We are working with the world’s banks, such as Barclays, HSBC, Paribas, Santander, Deutsche bank, Bank Winter (Austria), as well as US banks – Soleil Chartered Bank (SCGRUS33), Standard Commerce Bank (STDMDMDM), etc.

Possible options:

Bank Guarantee – BG, format: URDG 758;
Stand-by Letter of Credit – SBLC, format: ICC 500/600, ISP98;
Documentary Letter of Credit – DLC, ICC 500/600, SWIFT MT700;
• Leasing and Sale of Financial Instruments;

To improve the efficiency of trading transactions, we are ready to issue Letters of Credit (LC) from various banks around the world, without the client’s collateral, with the blocking of funds of the Fund, which has been successfully operating in the financial services market for more than 15 years.

This offer is most relevant for international contracts for the wholesale purchase of equipment, furniture, clothing, shoes and other goods that the Supplier is ready to ship to the Buyer under a letter of credit.

By issuing our letter of credit to the Supplier, the Buyer does not block their funds, but uses the funds of the Fund, paying for the product as soon as it arrives at its port. At the time of the transaction, the cargo itself and its documents are secured by the Fund.

Our financial partners are ready to consider other forms of transaction financing, through Bank guarantees, factoring, export financing, and production financing to expand export supplies.

Following the links above, you will find documents for each of the instruments, as well as their release procedures. Contact us to discuss the work.

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