Investment project for the production of Jade Crystals

Investment project for the production of Jade Crystals

The company, located in Hong Kong, launches the production of jade crystals in the factories of Thailand and China, for corporate and ritual customers.

HSBC Bank, China Telecom and many other corporations interesting to order our corporate gifts with natural jade crystal for their customers to bring them good luck, attract wealth, enhance health.

We invite investors to take part of the project!

For an Investor

• Total investment: US$2,000,000;
• Investment required: US$1,000,000;

• Company registration: Hong Kong;
• Equity: sells 4,000 shares (out of 10,000 issued shares) at US$250 per share;

The company’s profit in the first year: US$1,600,000 (80% of the annual);
• The profit of the company for the second year: US$3,456,000 (172%);

Payback period: 15 months;
• The possibility of the investor’s exit from the project, through the selling of shares;

About the Project

The Ministry of Civil Affairs and religious communities in China commended the new ritual gifts with natural jade crystal and recommended for funeral homes and temples to add in the list of their ritual products as a gift for the deceased.

In Asia people believe that jade crystals follow them into the afterlife and help when they enter in spirit world. They placed gifts to the coffin and this is a traditionally important ritual in funeral ceremonies.

Details on the launch of the project for the production of jade crystals, look at the project description page.

For participation in contact us >>>

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