Jade from Buryatia and other fields of Russia and the World

Jade from Buryatia and other fields of Russia and the World

For several millennia, people have been using Jade to create the most important spiritual objects, and are constantly using it in tactile meditation to comprehend themselves and the world.

Jade products are pleasant, not only for contemplation, but also to the touch. All kinds of jade stones are extremely durable, their structure, strength is not inferior to steel, as created from fibrous tissues.

Let’s see what kinds of jade are most valued in the world!


In Russia, both green and white jade and jadeite with Imperial inclusions are mined. The most valuable are white river jade, which can be several times more expensive than gold.

This video presents some of our samples, and below, we will look at the types of jade in more detail.

Valuable varieties of Jade

White River Jades

This is created by nature, the quintessence of status and prosperity. Such a stone on the stand will decorate the desktop, from the TOP Manager to the President, emphasizing not only the status but also the spiritual component of the owner.

White River Jade

Imperial jadeite from Burma (Myanmar)

Collection Imperial from the field of Old Myanmar. This stone is jewelry, and is valued at auction by weight in carats.

Imperial jade (from Burma)

White Jade

White jade jewelry quality, in nature is much less common than green, and is highly valued by jewelers and collectors.

White jade with a cut

White Jade (grade Kavokta)

Jade from Kavokta Field is the most valuable varieties of white jade in Russia.

White Jade Kavokta

White Jade (grade Deluvium)

White jade variety - Deluvium, the most interesting in the red crust.

White Jade Deluvium

Jadeite from Russia

Russian jadeite with Imperial inclusions, commonly found in light and dark green grades. In Russia, the jadeite in the form of raw materials covered by the OST 41-25-72 approved by the Ministry of Geology of Russia.

Jadeite from Russia

Green Jade

Green jade is valued slightly lower than white jade, but products from it famous by its glow and tactile sensations.

Green jade from Russia

Take a sample of Jade

Pure homogeneous jade can be hidden deep under the rock of the stone, and to understand how the stone looks inside it is necessary to cut or drill the core.

In the video below, we show how the jade stone was drilled in Krasnoyarsk.

Where to find Jade from Buryatia?

If you have an interest in buying Jade, please contact us and invite your specialist to our office in Krasnoyarsk. You can also download the catalog on this page.

The specialist will be able to evaluate and choose the stones. If necessary, we will provide an additional amount of minerals of the quality you need. Delivery across Russia, to China, or to other country is possible.

Also presented to you: The Collection of minerals of Russia, from Agates to Jasper.

Tell in the comments below or under the videos, what kinds of jade are most interesting to you? Perhaps You have your personal story with a jades?

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