Investments in Methanol production

Project of a Methanol production plant

We invite investors to the M-130 Project “Construction of a methanol production plant”, the plant’s capacity is 130 thousand tons per year.

Agreements were reached both on the supply of raw materials for production and on the purchase of the entire volume of methanol produced. A site for the construction of a plant with infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the source of raw materials and consumers of the product has been approved. On the basis of this plant, a gas-chemical cluster is being created in the KhMAO. A team of highly qualified specialists has been assembled for the installation, commissioning and operation of the enterprise, the technology is at the appropriate modern level.

Project implementation period: 28mo;
• Payback period: 5.5 years (66 months);
• Time to the point without loss: 3 years;

• Capacity: 130 thousand tons / year of methanol GOST2222-95;
• Launch region: Nizhnevartovsk, KhMAO;

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