Development of a Business plan and Feasibility Study

We will prepare your project for funding and launch:

• Developing a Business plan;
• Creation of financial model of the enterprise;
• Calculation of future cash flows;
Feasibility Study;
• Calculation of Risk tolerance.


To make a decision on launching a project, you need to create a financial model of the company and calculate the future cash flow, taking into account various sources and periods of financing, as well as the schedule of purchases, expenses, queues for putting the company into operation, the timing of reaching the planned production capacity and the volume of sales of products.

The created financial model is tested for stability, taking into account many possible changes in the market, in the country and in the world. The economic model of the company will allow you to identify possible risks in advance, take into account project bottlenecks, and stock up on finances to overcome cash gaps at various stages of the project, up to self-sufficiency and debt repayment.

Financial model of an enterprise for a milk producer

* Example of a company’s financial model for a milk producer

For your project, we will provide:

  • Developing a Business plan;
  • Market and industry analysis;
  • Create a financial model of the company;
  • We will calculate future cash flows;
  • We will prepare a Feasibility Study for the project and the required documentation;
  • Let’s analyze the resistance to possible Risks.

Developing a financial model, business plan and marketing strategy is just a step on the way to launching the project.

For companies in the real sector of the economy, we are ready to provide project and export financing, as well as establish export supplies of your products to foreign markets, and organize your direct dialogue with leading companies in the world.

To get started, contact us so that we can discuss the details of your project.


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