Italian coffee Condorelli

Italian Condorelli coffee in Russia and the CIS, premium quality, directly from the importer:

• Coffee, roasted in beans, Condorelli brand;
Production: Syracuse, Sicily, Italy;
• 100% Arabica (Arabica)
• Arabica 30% / Robusta 70% Blend (Nera);

• Vacuum packaging of 1 kg;
• The highest world quality standard;
• The product is in stock in Moscow;
• Delivery to any point of Russia and the CIS;
• Wholesale and retail.

260 years of experience roasting coffee manufacturer!

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On behalf of the company, which is the exclusive distributor in Russia and the CIS countries of the Italian coffee producer of the highest world quality, the Condorelli brand, we are ready to offer you the supply of coffee from a warehouse in Moscow:

  • Product: Coffee, roasted in beans, Condorelli brand;
  • Manufacturer: Break Café, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy, has 260 years of coffee roasting experience;
  • Articles: Arabica 100% OR a mixture of Arabica 30% / Robusta 70% (Nera);
  • Packaging: Vacuum, consumer, 1 kg each;
  • Quality: The highest world standard;
  • Certificates: Yes;
  • Quantity: Any required volume;
  • Warehouse: The product is in stock in Moscow;
  • Delivery: To any point of Russia and the CIS, from a warehouse in Moscow, or pickup;
  • Deferred payment: Possible, for large buyers;

Condorelli coffee is included in the TOP3 best world brands, and will not leave indifferent all connoisseurs of the true taste of natural coffee.

There are regular deliveries of best coffee from Italy, the volume of which can be expanded to meet the needs of the customer. The delivery time of a new batch from Italy is 10 days. The exclusive right to distribute Condorelli coffee guarantees the absence of other suppliers on the market.

We invite wholesale buyers to cooperate. We are ready to start agreeing and signing supply contracs.

Кофе высшего качества Condorelli оптом из Италии

Break Cafe and Condorelli

Coffee came to Europe through Italy. In Sicily, the history of roasting coffee has more than 260 years, during which the skill of making coffee has been constantly improved, and today it is rightfully considered the best in the world.

Such a manufacturer with a century-old tradition of roasting coffee, in 1987 created the Break Café brand and launched its own line of coffee in chaldas and capsules of the highest quality, creating an integrated system of coffee machines, ideal for family and business needs.

In fact, the world standard of the highest quality of coffee was set, to the level of which only a few producers in the world reach today, also located in Italy.

Each stage of the production process is carefully controlled by experienced personnel who make up a highly professional team that monitors all stages, from the selection of coffee beans to the tasting of the finished product.

Один из магазинов Condorelli в Италии

For several years now, the company has been bringing coffee beans under the Condorelli brand to the market, thereby enriching the range of drinks in cups and capsules, while ensuring the highest quality standards.

All our products are packaged in a controlled and safe atmosphere, in a modern production specially designed and launched in 2008, and are characterized by a strong taste and creamy consistency of mixtures (only Arabica and Robusta mixtures, carefully selected in the process of tracking beans from the country of origin to our factory). The entire production process is aimed at preserving the organoleptic properties and, consequently, the taste qualities of coffee. Even the packaging stage, which is taken care of for each individual batch, is designed to guarantee the freshness and aroma of our products, and thanks to our machines, we ensure ease of use, speed and absolute cleanliness.

All our capsules are made of a paper filter (44mm ESE) and are compatible with coffee machines of this size. They are created for those who are looking for a quality product from carefully selected blends and are intended for those who want to get an exceptional pleasure from enjoying high-quality espresso.

Coffee solutions without caffeine or with the addition of hazelnuts, chocolate, ginseng, caramel and guarana are also available under the Break Cafe brand, as well as coffee beans under the brands Break Cafe and Borbone, Covim, Lavazza, Lollo Gran Bar, To.Da.

In addition, the company sells coffee and drinks of the most famous and popular Italian and international brands: Lavazza, Espresso Cap, CaffItaly, Borbone, Caffè d’Italia, Covim, Nespresso, Bialetti, Ristora, Gimoka, etc.


History of Condorelli coffee production

In 1893, in Syracuse, Condorelli started a small coffee roasting business. His ability to roast coffee, at dawn, with the help of a small coal toaster machine, won him the title of “Coffee Magician”.

So the Condorelli brand was born!

Condorelli passes on his passion to his son, and even in difficult times of adversity, between the two world wars, the popularity of Condorelli coffee continues to grow, and its reach and sales expand.

During the years of economic boom, it is possible to build a new factory by the hands of Giovanni Condorelli, who left the reins of power to his son Sebastiano in 1970. The latter expands the plant, significantly increasing its production capacity, so that Condorelli coffee begins to be actively exported abroad.

With the beginning of the new millennium, Sebastiano launches new directions in roasting, which leads to further growth. The focus is on establishing the highest production quality standards, implementing best practices and environmental policy, which allows the company to obtain important international certificates.

In 2014, the company was joined by the sons of Sebastiano Condorelli. The emergence of new players in the history of coffee, thanks to their experience gained abroad, brings a wave of dynamism to the development of the company, strengthening the Condorelli brand worldwide.

Selection of the best coffee beans, close attention to social and environmental issues, extreme caution at every stage of the production process, as well as numerous international certificates, constant research and innovation-these are the requirements that underlie the highest quality of Condorelli coffee. Today, the oldest roasting experience, it is synonymous with perfection in Italy.

Over the years, based on these principles, Caffe Condorelli has expanded and improved its offer, which today includes various product lines with certified coffee, as well as the supply of espresso machines, designer cups and gifts. The company also offers its customers a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with coffee, organizing training courses and excursions around the factory.


Buy wholesale Condorelli coffee

Wholesale delivery of Condorelli coffee in Russia and the CIS, with all the necessary documents. Do you want premium quality Italian coffee? You can contact the importer and buy without extra commissions here >>>

Кофе высшего качества Condorelli импорт из Италии


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