Organization of Business Missions

Your direct connection to the regions of the World:

Organization of business missions;
• Organization of meetings (without intermediaries) with leading companies in the regions;
• Meetings with relevant state structures;
• Verification of the legal status, reliability and financial viability of partners;
Lobbying your interests in the region.

We work with companies in many countries around the world and are ready to promote your interests in the required regions.


Rather than guessing about how best to organize the export of your products and technologies to a new market, it is better to go yourself and hold direct negotiations with the leading companies in the region, and we will organize everything.

Organization of international negotiations ProValue Industry includes:

  • Travel and flights, accommodation, logistics;
  • Translators;
  • Visiting fields, mining and objects of interest for business;
  • You will attend Industrial exhibitions, Seminars and Round tables;
  • Preparing screens, projectors, and meeting infrastructure;
  • Providing marketing materials;
  • Security provision.

Organization of international negotiations ProValue Industry

Direct negotiations with your future Partners

For large companies, equipment manufacturers and holders of industrial technologies, it is most relevant to get together and come to the region, to the already prepared site where the leading companies of your industry will gather. We will prepare and provide everything in advance:

  • Search for regional partners;
  • Connecting You with customers and clients, consumers and producers of resources, users of your technologies;
  • Presentation of your equipment and technologies to them;
  • Conducting negotiations, agreeing on terms of cooperation;
  • Meetings with relevant agencies, government and regulatory agencies in the desired country;
  • Support for institutes, laboratories, and patent holders;
  • State support for your project;
  • Participation in state projects, tenders, and state contracts;
  • The involvement of industry press.

Our geography

We work with companies in many countries of the world, and we are ready to provide you with promotion and lobbying of your interests in the regions:

• Middle East (Turkey, etc.);
• Africa (Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Morocco, etc.);
• Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan);
• Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela);
• Asian countries (Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, India, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc.);
• Europe (Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Ukraine, etc.).


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