The Mobilization Economy

What is happening in the global economy today, what to expect, and what needs to be built?

• The end of globalization, trade wars and border closures;
• The terrorist dictatorship of financial capital;
• The disintegration of the world into economic spaces;
• Transition to State capitalism and Mobilization economy;
• New Industrialization in Russia, import substitution and economic growth, against the backdrop of the unfolding global crisis…

Dialectics of the XXI century.
Understanding the processes taking place in the world, and mobilizing Russia for the feat of reviving the country.


The beginning collapse of the US, European and Chinese markets has already led to the closure of borders between countries, the beginning of the collapse of the world into separate regions, and the revaluation of assets. The discrepancy between the structure of supply and demand will require stopping and rebuilding a huge number of global production chains.

Russia has already gone through a similar decline in the 90s, and against the background of excessive consumption in Europe and the United States, on the contrary, demand in Russia was suppressed as much as possible. Today, most enterprises operate at 60% of the possible capacity, there is no working capital, and there is no demand, since the last 5 years in a row, the incomes of the population have fallen, as a result of an artificially created shortage of money.

The borders are closed, the WTO is incapacitated, the instructions of the IMF, the World Bank and international rating agencies are now directly harmful to us, and those who use them are more suitable for the definition of “enemy of the people”.

The most favorable conditions are being formed for Russia’s exit from external management of foreign financial capital. The mobilization of the national economy will allow the next 10 – 15 years to carry out economic growth by 7 – 10% annually, against the background of the collapse of the economy of the leading countries of the world.

Today, the competition of Mobilization Economies is being launched in the World. The world is disintegrating, and the state that can locally launch the most effective model of technological, managerial and economic development will quickly overcome the transition period, rebuild itself and begin to integrate into its system the economies of other countries that will not have time to rebuild.

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