Flour wholesale from Flour Mill

• Flour for You, direct deliveries from Ingush Flour Mill
• From 200 to 25 000 tons per month
• Moisture-proof packaging
• Delivery by All types of transport
• Bran and other grinding products



On the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia organized the latest Flour Mill, with a capacity of 2400 tons of processing per day, with a waste-free processing cycle, and a granary of 80,000 tons of monthly storage. Re-equipment of industrial premises was carried out.

We offer direct supplies of flour and grinding products, directly from the plant. You can buy flour by clicking on the “Send Request” button, and specifying your data in the input field, or by writing or calling us in any convenient way.

We offer supply of flour:

• Quality: flour of the highest, first and second grade;
• Volume of supply in Russia from 200 tons to 20 000 – 30 000 tons per month;
• Volume of export supply from 1000 tons per month;
• Wheat bran 100 000 tons per year;
• Waterproof packaging: 50, 25, 10, 2 and 1 kg bags;
• Shipment by all types of transport, including containers, big bags, cars, sea transport.

Laboratory tests and quality indicators:


Name of indicator

Characteristics and norms for flour

High grade



Grade 1


Grade 2

OdorFree of impuritiesFree of impuritiesFree of impurities
Moisture content, % not more14.514.713.5
The presence of mineral impuritiesNoNoNo
Metallomagnetic impurities mg per 1kg of flour: the size of individual particles in a small linear dimension of 0.3mm and (or) the mass not more than 0.4mg0,04mg0,041mg0,048mg
Pest infectionNoNoNo
Contamination by pestsNoNoNo
Ash content on a dry matter %, not more0,500,690,70
Quality raw gluten, conventional units IDK device75.0 1group70.0 1group78.0 1group
Fineness of grinding sieve residue number
Mass fraction of wet gluten at least %28.430.326.6


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