Gold mining company. Profit from 276% for 2 years!

• Required investment: $ 18,000,000 USD
• Investor’s profit: from 276% in the first two years
Time to receive the first profit: 9-10 months
Payback period: 1.5-2 years (8 months from commissioning)
• Important: there are patents, licenses, certificates, agreements with the government
• Conditions for investors: 30%-70% of the company’s profit.

Investment project: “Environmental cleaning of man-made dumps from mercury with associated extraction of gold, diamonds, and rare earth metals”.


We offer you the investment opportunity to open a mining company of gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, with the associated cleaning of man-made ore deposites from mercury and cyanide contamination.

Our patented technology allows you to extract up to 98% of raw materials, while having a minimum cost of gold production of $ 1 – $ 1.5 per gram. This makes it possible to pay back the project for the 10th month of work.

The project is planned to be launched in Guyana, where an agreement was reached with the government, geological exploration work was carried out to assess the soil, and a team of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in geological work was assembled.

The project is of great economic, environmental and social significance.

The full version of this project is available in Russian.

For a business plan and a detailed economic calculation of the project, please contact the specified details.

If you have any questions about participating in the Project, please contact us >>>


Investment project

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