Production of Haprin (protein from gas)

Production of biomass with a high protein content (70-79%) for animal feed, poultry and fish:

• Investment required: 10 billion RUB (120 mln eur)
• Implementation period: 36 months.
• Payback period: 5-6 years
• Production volume: at least 30,000 tons per year
• NPV: 5.6 billion rubles


GAPRIN is a biomass with a high content of protein (70-79%), B vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. It is produced by processing methane (natural gas) by the bacterium Methylococcus capsulatus.

Gaprin is used as a feed protein supplement for all age groups and all types of farm animals, poultry and fish. It is part of compound feeds. GAPRIN is a full-fledged substitute for fishmeal of the highest quality.

From 2500 cubic meters of Gas, 1 ton of Gaprin is obtained, which contains 78% protein.

Required for the World market: 20 million tons per year.
Required for the Russian market: 2 million tons per year.

The harmlessness of the bioprotein from methane has been proven by its long-term use in Europe as animal feed additives.
Technical specifications: TU 11249895-12-09-92 dated 01.01.93.
EU permit: Commission Directive 95/33/EC, protein concentration up to 8% in feed is permissible.

GAPRIN Plant construction Project:
Investment required: 10 billion RUB (120 million euros)
Implementation period: 36 months.
Payback period: 5-6 years
Production volume: at least 30,000 tons per year
NPV: 5.6 billion rubles
IRR: 22%
PI: 2

Work plan:
Stage 1:
– Requires 1 billion rubles (12 million euros)
– A pure culture workshop is being built;
– Incubator for the production of the bacterium Methylococcus capsulatus;
– Workshop for the production of 300 tons of industrial protein;

Stage 2:
– The capacity of the enterprise is increasing, completing the storage for growing protein.
– The volume of production can be 10,000 tons, maybe 60,000 tons, depending on the volume of financing.

It is planned to launch a plant in Volgograd, on the territory of the enterprise that produced Gaprin on an industrial scale until 1994, when microbiological production in Russia was killed.
– There is full administrative support;
– There is a full stack of technologies, equipment, laboratory devices for starting production;
– There are institutes and technical schools in microbiology in the region, there are all the specialists required for work.

– An agreement has been reached with the Chinese customer, they are ready to buy all 30 thousand tons of Gaprin produced per year.
– The Ministry of Agriculture of Kalmykia is ready to purchase the entire volume of the product produced.
– A number of companies from the USA are ready to sign a contract for the purchase of Gaprin.

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