Heinkel Gas Piston Generators

Gas piston generators with the MTU 20V4000 L32 engine, manufactured by Rolls Royce, from the official representative of Heinkel in Russia and the CIS:

• Electric power: 1948 kW
• Heat output: 2136 kW
• Generator: 2560 kVA
• Generator voltage: 230/400 V
• Fuel type: Natural Gas
• Fuel consumption at 100% load (8000 kcal/nm3): 492 nm3/h
• Engine speed: 1500 rpm

In stock 12ed in Germany. Shipment within 20 days, after signing and paying the contract.


On behalf of the company that is the official representative of ” Heinkel Umwelttechnik + Energieanlagen GmbH ” on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, we offer for sale a line of gas-piston generators in the range from 10 kW to 25 MW, as well as power plants for uninterrupted power supply and backup power systems manufactured by Heinkel of various capacities.

The company has a general power of attorney in Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the CU countries of the EAEU and the CIS for negotiating, signing contracts, supplying equipment, providing service and providing a full range of engineering services. A joint venture is being implemented to build a large-node generator assembly plant in Kaliningrad.

Currently, we have the opportunity to supply gas-piston generators with an MTU 20V4000 L32 engine from a warehouse in Germany, from the Rolls Royce factory:

• Electric power: 1948 kW
• Heat output: 2136 kW
• Generator: 2560 kVA
• Generator voltage: 230/400 V
• Fuel type: Natural Gas
• Fuel consumption at 100% load (8000 kcal/nm3): 492 nm3/h
Engine speed: 1500 rpm
• Overall dimensions: 5900 x 2000 x 2400 mm

  • 3 phases, 50 Hz;
  • synchronous, brushless;
  • self-excited, self-regulating;
  • with a transverse air flow, ventilated;
  • Cummins / Stamford / Leroy Somer.

Shipment within 20 days, after signing and paying the contract. The characteristics of gas-piston generators, production terms, payment terms, delivery, installation and commissioning works, as well as the terms of warranty service and post-warranty repair can be obtained on request.

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