Implementation of Innovative Technologies

We carry out search, expertise and implementation of innovative technological solutions in the industry.

For Enterprises:
• Implementation of innovative technologies and advanced solutions;
• Equipment modernization;
• Industrial automation;
• Technology commercialization;
• Improving energy efficiency and resource saving.


The use of outdated technologies and inertia of thinking slow down the development of most enterprises, hinder the implementation of innovations, literally steal potential profits and increase costs.

We carry out search, expertise and implementation of innovative technological solutions in the industry. We solve a set of tasks in the field of industrial automation, primarily by improving energy efficiency and resource saving.

For Manufacturers:

    1. Conducting an audit of the company and expertise of the solutions used;
    2. Development of a production optimization program;
    3. Introduction of innovative technologies and advanced solutions;
    4. Equipment Upgrades;
    5. Comprehensive industrial re-equipment;
    6. Implementation of automation systems;
    7. Maintenance and service.

An offer foolish to refuse:

    1. Step 1: identify opportunities for upgrading equipment;
    2. Step 2: calculate direct savings from innovation;
    3. Step 3: new technological solutions are being implemented.
    4. Step 4: Payment is made in installments, using the saved funds.
    5. During payments, the company’s expenses do not change, and after payment of the full cost of equipment and work, the company receives a direct reduction in expenses.

Authors of Innovative technology, we offer:

    1. Conducting expertise and identifying prospects for implementing the technology;
    2. Commercialization of technology and equipment;
    3. Implementation of your technology in enterprises;
    4. Export and implement your technologies and equipment to markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America;
    5. The Platform for publication and presentation of works, exchange of knowledge and experience;
    6. Integration of research centers, research organizations, leading universities in the country and active developer groups.

For Financial Organizations:

    1. Innovation Finance allows you to lend to enterprises in a targeted way, with a guaranteed source of loan repayment, by reducing the company’s expenses;
    2. We offer you participation in our program of integration of innovative technologies in enterprises, through targeted financing of works;
    3. Providing credit under a three-way agreement.

To get started, contact us so that we can discuss the details of your situation.


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