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Investments secured by Securities / BG / SBLC / CD…

• Bank Guarantee (BG);
• Stand-by Letter of Credit (SBLC);
• Certificate Of Deposit (CD);
• Promissory notes, Bonds, other Assets…

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We provide investments for project financing, secured by securities or financial instruments (BG/SBLC/CD/MTN/Bonds/Checks…). The volume of investments provided depends on the assets that are secured by the instrument, the Issuer’s Bank, and the nominal value.

We work with the instruments of the world’s TOP banks, including Russia. It is possible to provide investments under the state guarantee.

Better if we discuss all details prior to the release of the instrument, with the aim of achieving a positive result. Depending on your goals, we will find the most optimal working conditions.

It is important to understand that the company wishing to obtain financing on the security of a financial instrument must have its own funds sufficient to issue the instrument. Its release will not be paid by the monetizer.

As soon as you are able to provide information on the instrument you are releasing, as well as data on your company, we will be able to tell you more precisely the terms and procedure.


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