Investments in the Public Procurement and Supply Automation

For the Investor:

• Investment volume: from 7-70 million rubles;
• Return on investment: from 7% per month;
• Investment period: from 2 to 24 months.

The investor retains funds in his company, and directly participates in public procurement. The organizer provides turnkey supplies and document management.


A group of Trade and Production Companies (TPC), specializing in the supply of goods and services under government contracts, invites Investors to participate directly.

TPC has tender and commercial departments, as well as operational, analytical, transport and warehouse departments. This makes it possible to integrate manufacturers and suppliers of products in demand by state customers.

We offer investors direct participation in government contracts (public procurement / tenders) “turnkey”. TPC undertakes the full scope of work on the participation of the Investor Company in tenders for 44 Federal Law, carries out deliveries from its production facilities under signed contracts, and conducts a full document flow of all transactions.

The investor does not transfer his funds to anyone, controls all contracts and cash flows, earns a reputation as a reliable supplier and accumulates all profits on his company.

The format of the work:

  • The Investor’s company is submitted to the tender and is brought to victory in the auction;
  • Supply contracts are signed between the State Customer and the Investor;
  • Supply contracts are signed between the Investor and the TPC;
  • TPC independently performs the execution of supplies under the Investor’s contracts;
  • The Investor receives payment for the delivered goods from the State Customer to his accounts;
  • TPC carries out a full document flow of the Investor, including obtaining EDS, opening special accounts, registration in the EIS, registration on trading platforms, selection of tenders for participation, conclusion and execution of contracts, control over the receipt of funds from the UFK, conducting all turnkey transactions.

The presence of our own production and direct suppliers makes it possible to ensure maximum profit for the Investor. Since all deliveries pass through the Investor’s company, it is not necessary to transfer funds to anyone “for management”, and the investor retains full control of each stage of work.

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