Construction of the Methanol Production Plant

Project indicators:

• Required investment: 8,000,000,000 rubles;
Project implementation period: 28 months;
Payback period: 5.5 years (66 months);
Time to the point without loss: 3 years;

Capacity: 130 thousand tons / year of methanol GOST2222-95;
Launch region: Nizhnevartovsk, KhMAO;


We invite investors to the M-130 Project “Construction of a methanol production plant”, the plant’s capacity is 130 thousand tons per year.

Agreements were reached both on the supply of raw materials for production and on the purchase of the entire volume of methanol produced. A site for the construction of a plant with infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the source of raw materials and consumers of the product has been approved. On the basis of this plant, a gas-chemical cluster is being created in the KhMAO. A team of highly qualified specialists has been assembled for the installation, commissioning and operation of the enterprise, the technology is at the appropriate modern level.

Project indicators:

  • Capacity: 130 thousand tons / year of methanol GOST2222-95;
  • Launch region: Nizhnevartovsk, KhMAO;
  • Production cost: 8 thousand rubles / ton (maximum);
  • The cost of methanol in the region: from 25 thousand rubles / ton;
  • Number of employees: 75 people (planned);
  • Required investment: 8,000,000,000 rubles;
  • Project implementation period: 28 months;
  • Payback period: 5 years (66 months);
  • Time to the point without loss: 3 years;
  • Authorized capital: 33 billion rubles;
  • Cost compensation: refund of up to 50% of the cost amount when creating;
  • Exit opportunity: potential buyers to the factory after the launch.

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About production

The place of construction of the plant is Nizhnevartovsk, KhMAO region – the 1st place in oil production, the 2nd place in gas production in Russia.

Raw materials: natural gas; supplier – there is an agreement for the supply of gas. There are several alternative gas suppliers in the region.

Sales of finished products: the entire volume of methanol is bought by oil and gas companies. The total volume of required methanol in the KhMAO and YaNAO is over 700 thousand tons.

Plant equipment: manufactured in Germany / Poland, packed, located in heated rooms, column devices are stored on wooden supports on a special platform and are stored in storage. The number of 48 railway cars.

There is a contract for the purchase of plant equipment and an official positive conclusion of the head design organization on the technical serviceability of the purchased equipment and the project’s compliance with the modern technological level of existing methanol production facilities in the world.

Documentation is available, installation and commissioning will be carried out with the participation of specialists of the equipment seller, specialists of the involved and contracting enterprises.

Construction site: For the implementation of the first project, the Administration of the KhMAO offered a choice of three land plots with all the required infrastructure – a highway, a freight railway station, an international airport, a river port. On the basis of the project, a gas chemical cluster is being created in the KhMAO region, with the participation of the Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia.

Financing details

To date, the project is fully ready, and has full banking and administrative support. An additional 1 billion rubles is allocated for infrastructure.

One of the leading banks is ready to participate in financing by providing filled and disclosed letters of credit for payment to suppliers, including the possibility of lending up to the full amount of the project, provided that investment funds are available on the company’s account.

Guarantees were obtained for the repurchase of the produced methanol, and the possibility of selling the entire enterprise after its launch, which will allow the investor to either own a share of the enterprise or exit with a profit.

All of the above is supported by official letters and agreements. All related calculations and applications (business plan, financial model and others) are available and will be provided to the potential investor.

Information about Methanol

Инвестиции в производство Метанола

The world production of methanol is included in the list of the most dynamically developing, the growth of methanol production is twice the dynamics of world GDP – 6.5% annually. The main driver of the growth in demand for methanol is the production of olefins (MTO/MTP), formaldehydes, its use as the main component of high-octane additives and as a pure motor fuel.

A promising direction is the use of methanol along with LNG as a marine motor fuel. In 2025, the demand for methanol will increase by more than one and a half times – up to 122 million tons per year. Russia produces about 5% of the global volume of methanol, i.e. about 4 million tons per year. The main competitive advantage of Russian methanol is the low cost of raw materials-natural gas. The development of methanol production capacities in the Russian Federation will increase the volume of gas processing and reduce the burden on the surplus market for Gazprom, as well as allow independent oil and gas companies to gain access to the export of energy carriers in the form of methanol.

Methanol is consumed in large quantities by oil and gas producing companies (over 700 thousand tons per year in the regions of the KhMAO and YaNAO), such as PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Rosneft and others in order to prevent the formation of crystal hydrate jams during the production and transportation of natural and associated petroleum gas. Sibur uses methanol as the basis for the production of a high-octane additive to motor fuel.

The implementation of the project for the construction of a methanol production plant will allow providing regional companies with affordable products by reducing logistics costs. Taking into account the growing demand for methanol of oil and gas producing enterprises located on the territory of the KhMAO and YaNAO, and the implementation of the national project “Bazhen” in the region, of which the company is a participant, providing for the extraction of Hard-to-Recover Oil Reserves – TRIZ on an area of over 1 million square kilometers, it is planned to build 2 more similar methanol production facilities.

On the basis of this methanol production in the KhMAO region, the Association of Clusters of Russia is creating a gas chemical cluster with the prospect of deep processing of gas into products with high added value – olefins, ammonia and its derivatives – ammonium nitrate and others.

According to the benefits provided to the participants of the gas chemical cluster, compensation for the costs of implementing the project in the amount of 50% is provided.

Brief description of the continuous technological process:

Natural gas, methane, is used in the production of methanol. Gas processing is carried out by synthesis in a two-stage steam and oxygen-vapor conversion of raw methanol synthesis in an isothermal reactor with recirculation and subsequent rectification to obtain commercial methanol.

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