Asset leasing – SKR

Assets are offered for leasing in the form of SKR:
• Malca-Amit secure storage;
• Lloyd’s of London insurance;
• Cost of rent: 2%-5% per year;
• Purchase price: from 15% (cashback – up to 85%);
• Nominal value : $1M – $10M USD;
• Assets: jewelry;
• Registration of ownership of the client.

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SKR (Safekeeping Receipt) is a safe receipt that is issued to the customer and confirms that certain assets are stored in a secure safe Deposit box of a Bank or other specialized institution.

This document allows you to declare your assets without moving them in the form of authorized capital, collateral when receiving a loan or financing, and show them on the balance sheet of the enterprise.

For clients, assets are offered for lease for 1 year with a possible extension. Assets will be confirmed in the form of SKR from Malca-Amit with Lloyd’s of London insurance .

  • The company provides its assets by issuing a SKR (Safe Keeping Report) in the name of the client for the required amount;
  • Assets are deposited in the Malca-Amit vault;
  • SKR is confirmed by Malca-Amit anywhere in the world;
  • Insurance is provided by Lloyd’s of London.

Malca-Amit’s highly secure, strategically located storage facilities are recognized as market leaders. The document (SKR) on responsible storage of assets in Malca-Amit is accepted by all leading banks in the world.

The client will be able to present this SKR to a Bank or any other institution as their own assets, but will not be able to collect them from the vault. Assets are actually provided to the client as collateral transfer.

Asset lease: the Client receives a Malca-Amit SKR in their name for one year, for 2-5% of the estimated value of the assets. The price includes storage of assets in Security House, and Lloyd’s of London insurance for 1 year.

Asset sales with cashback up to 85%: the Client buys assets in ownership. Assets are placed in the security House of Malca-Amit, with the issue of SKR in the name of the client. The company returns up to 85% cashback to the Client . The price includes storage of assets in Security House and Lloyd’s of London insurance for 1 year.


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