Technology for extracting Fine gold (up to 98% of raw materials)

• Cost of gold mining: $ 1.5 / gram;
• Production of up to 98% of raw materials;
Return on investment: 276% per 2 years;
• Environmentally friendly: free of Mercury and reagents;

Cleaning of man-made ore dumps from Mercury and Cyanides with associated extraction of Gold and Diamonds.


We offer you to study the technology of ecological cleaning of man-made dumps from mercury and heavy concentrate metals with the associated extraction of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, rare earth metals and other natural resources.

Our patented technology allows you to extract up to 98% of raw materials, while having a minimum cost of gold production of $ 1 – $ 1.5 per gram. A plan has been developed to launch a gold mining company for the investor, with a profitability of 276% per first two years. This efficiency of the equipment makes it possible to recoup the project for the 10th month of work.

A team of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in geological work has been assembled, which will allow you to quickly launch a project using this technology. Any project using cleaning technologies will be of great economic, environmental and social importance.

The full version of this technology description is available in Russian.

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Investment project

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