Investment in Africa’s raw materials

Investment in Africa’s raw materials

We offer you the possibility of direct investment in transactions on the most profitable raw material assets in Africa (diamonds, gold, coffee, cocoa, etc.), along with the establishment of relations on any other issues of interest in the region.

Briefly about the main thing:

  • Minimum investment: $150,000 – $10,000,000 USD;
  • Profit from the transaction: 50% – 300% or more;
  • The distribution of profits with the investor: 50 / 50;
  • The duration of the transaction: 4 – 8 weeks;
  • Products: diamonds, gold, other commodities;
  • Countries: Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali;
  • Exchanges for sale: Belgian (Antwerp), Israeli;
  • Transportation: Brinks, Malca-Amit, Ferrari, etc;
  • Certification: GIA: Gemological Institute Of America;

The team of organizers has developed direct personal contacts with the owners of local quarries, mines and mining companies, the Ministry of mining, jewelers, international banks and law offices, carriers, homology and certification laboratories, local law enforcement agencies, to ensure all stages of the transaction for the selection and legal purchase of assets in Africa, cutting, certification and sale of products through the world’s leading exchanges.

The team has translators who collectively speak more than 30 local languages, which gives access to the most profitable direct transactions, as well as equipment for cutting stones and manufacturing products.

All transactions are legal, carried out with the required licenses, in full compliance with international and local legislation.

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Offer to the investor

The investor is offered direct participation in the financing of transactions , with the possibility of being present at all stages, from the beginning to the end. The investor covers all expenses and receives 50% of the profit from each transaction. The format of participation and legal registration of all stages can be discussed.

Depending on the amount of financing, we can talk about conducting small one-time transactions, as well as organizing and developing a joint venture.

We offer to work with investment assets, i.e. with diamonds and gold. If the investor has an interest in other commodities, we can organize work in the required direction.

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Doing business in Africa

Diamonds Of Africa

In the region, Americans, Chinese, and Indians are constantly present, who buy all the assets that are worth almost immediately, at the moment of their extraction. There is a struggle for resources. There are local companies that attract foreign buyers and offer stones, metals and other raw materials of interest .

A huge number of various deceptions, visible only in personal presence.

Foreign companies and export – oriented companies primarily use English and French for their work, which narrows their opportunities to work directly with the local population, who have precious stones that are highly valued in the world.

The organizers of this offer, having in their team translators familiar with more than 30 local languages and dialects, including the former interpreter of the President of the country, established direct relations with local miners, mine owners, chiefs, local residents, personally visiting the countries of Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe. We have established contacts with jewelers, collectors, exchange managers and bankers in Belgium, Switzerland and Israel, which makes it possible not only to put diamonds up for sale or offer them to current buyers and collectors, but also to evaluate and pawn them in the Bank, receiving secured loans at a low interest rate.


It is possible to organize your own cutting, when purchasing additional equipment. Then there is an opportunity to develop a joint venture, and further reduce costs, both in money and in time.

  • You can put your assets in the Malca-Amit’s vault and get a SKR with a par value and Lloyd’s of London insurance accepted by any Bank in the world;
  • You can buy gold at a discount of up to 10% to the exchange. Taking into account expenses, the profit will be up to 5%;
  • Work on other commodities such as coffee, cocoa, copper, etc…
  • It is possible to create own jewelry brand.

The organizers are ready to discuss details and additional opportunities for collaboration with a real investor.

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