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ProValue History 2014 - 2022 >>>

2016 - 2022: Founder of ProValue Industry

An international platform for the supply of raw materials, goods and equipment, the construction of industrial, social and infrastructure projects, investments and support of international business has been created.

System and production integration, within the framework of import substitution in Russia;
Conducting international negotiations with companies in Russia, Turkey, China and Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Italy, Bulgaria, Thailand, UAE, Israel, Singapore, USA and other countries (more than 40 countries);
Organization of sales, foreign trade, trade and investment contracts;
Working with financial instruments (BG/SBLC, LC, Bank Drafts, MTN, Bonds);
Organization of project financing and preparation of projects for launch;
Business planning, development of financial models and feasibility studies;
Preparation of contracts, document management (Russian and English);
Strategic planning and macroeconomic analysis.

2021: Heavy Oil Production equipment
work on the launch of production and sale of equipment that ensures the delivery of heat carrier, supercritical water (SCW), with a temperature of up to 500℃, to a depth of up to 7000 meters, which allows efficient extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves.

Increase in the Oil Recovery Coefficient - up to 65% and more;
Extraction of heavy, high-viscosity, paraffin oil;
Extraction of kerogens - solid, immature oil;
Environmentally friendly closed-loop technology.

Extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves - TRIZ

2021 - 2022: The project "Distributed Production System"
- the system connecting of small and private producers and their consumers, logistics, services and infrastructure into a single Distributed Production System. See details >>>

The project "Production of Author's products"
The project "From local Farmers"
Joint Procurement Project
Project "Local production"

ProValue Industry Distributed Production System

2020: Prepared the project "Mobilization Economy of Russia"
an analysis of the current state of affairs in Russia and the world, developed an action plan for the development of the Russian state, created the architecture of an integrated economic management system. See details >>>

Strategic planning and economic management system.
The trajectory of advanced development of Russia.
A person in a new society.

The mobilization economy of Russia

2019: Launched an Expert Center on the ProValue Industry Platform - organization of international commodity contracts for the supply of raw materials, goods and equipment.

2014 - 2016: Entrepreneur, Investor, Co-Founder of Pro Value Group:

In February 2014, with a key partner launched the ProValue Group, which unites professional investors and traders into a single community, providing training courses and financial analytics tools.

Organization of the educational process, investment conferences and events;
Accounting, finance, settlements with counterparties;
Web development, Landing pages creation, Design and Art;
Marketing & Advertising;

ProValue Academy - teaches practical "Value Investing" and "Smart Speculation" using advanced option strategies, which is still unknown in the CIS. Under the guidance of an expert with more than 16 years of portfolio investment experience, work is underway with both absolute beginners and financially experienced people.

Training at the ProValue Academy

The course "Value Investing" - a leading training on Investing in Stocks has been launched. Students began to learn how to choose stocks correctly by evaluating a business, read financial reports of companies, identify long-term competitive advantage and growth drivers. Master the methods of professional investment and advanced portfolio management.

Questions of the Course "Value Investing" (see details)

  • How to unlearn "to play" on the stock exchange, and start choosing stocks correctly, from a business point of view.
  • How to buy reliable companies with a competitive advantage at an affordable price, and the potential for long-term growth.
  • How to find companies trading below the liquidation value on bad news, and having a safety cushion for the investor - Benjamin Graham style.
  • How to master risk management that suits your temperament.
  • How to analyze a Company fluently, in 4 minutes.
  • How to use the methods of an Active and Passive Investor.
  • How to think like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch — the most successful investors in the last 60 years, and make 29% per year, and sometimes more than 50% per annum. At the same time, do not be nervous and sleep peacefully at night.

The course "Options as a means of Smart Speculation" - a course on Advanced Stock Market Option Strategies has been prepared and started. The method is based on the search and formation of transactions with a risk to profit ratio of 1 to 10 or more. To know how to search and seeing such an advantage over the market, the investor has a tool for making a profit with a high probability.

Questions of the Course "Options as a means of Smart Speculation" (see more)

  • How to make money with any market movement, regardless of whether it goes up or down.
  • How not to use stop losses and never regret that the market went where you thought, but without you.
  • Methods of "catching" Black Swans in various markets.
  • How to master proven Strategies on VIX (VXX).
  • How to find and use the competitive advantage of options over the market.
  • How to find the best options with the risk/profit ratio you need 1 to 10 or more, and earn on a regular basis from 50% per annum, and in some cases 120% or higher.
  • Students were given more than 10 years of experience, were shown how to correctly allocate the funds of the portfolio and protect their capital as much as possible.

Investment Almanac - 26 issues of the Almanac were published, from April 2014 to July 2016, with details of completed transactions and their detailed analysis, analysis of risks, analysis of current market fundamental factors, stock analysis, training materials, investment ideas and recommendations on possible transactions.

Pro Value Investment Community - a community has been created based on the principle of a closed Hedge fund. All its members have access to internal investment information, ideas, analytics, trading strategies, etc. They can participate in conferences, study, develop and earn.

The community gathers ambitious, active people who would like to participate in internal conferences to analyze and discuss strategies and ideas. Who is engaged in practical investment in the stock market, or intends to do so.

ProValue Conferences - 9 online conferences of professional traders and investors were held. Each conference gathered over 15 speakers and 3,000 participants.

Each conference is 10 days of active training, where the listener can get acquainted with the current trends of financial markets, gain new knowledge and will be able to learn from the experience of the best representatives of the industry.

ProValue Conference

ProValue Analytics - Developed tools for collecting and analyzing financial statements of companies in retrospect 5 - 20 years.

Learn more about ProValue Analytics (stock analysis in 4 minutes)

  • A tool for fast and maximally effective analysis of quantitative indicators of the company over the past 20 years;
  • Identification of long-term competitive advantages;
  • Analysis of information of 18,000 American companies, by more than 200 metrics.
  • 50+ comparative charts that allow you to quickly and clearly identify the advantages and disadvantages of companies;
  • #1 Tool "Company Comparison with competitors" is a simple and fast way to compare quantitative indicators of companies among themselves, and identify advantages and hidden threats;
  • Ready-made sets to identify the red/green flags of the company;
  • Methods of value analysis developed over many years of practice;
  • Trend analyzer of any metric in the range from 1 to 10 years;
  • Positive and negative indicators in company reports.
  • Stock and Options Scanners: Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham scanners, Anti-Value Companies Scanner.
ProValue Analytics tools for Stock Analysis

2008 - 2011: Corporate Software Programmer

Application software development:

AFD Simulator - an emulator and simulator of the combat calculation of the S300 air defense complex for the military department has been created at the institute;

Geomer/GeoElis - implemented a system of monitoring, control, transport management, and fleet of IoT sensors:

Client-server application architecture, flexibly configurable interface, access levels have been created;
Data collection from devices, including temperature, pressure, level, light and GPS/Glonass geolocation sensors;
Public transport schedule management system, taxi, truck fleet;
Control room, workstations, real-time city monitoring, information access control;
Setting behavior logic for events and emergency situations, including integration with city services;
Reports and analytics.

2007 - 2013: Programmer of Games and Graphics 

Development of games, graphics, tools for artists and designers, on platforms - PC, PlayStation3, Xbox360, MacOsX, iOS(iPhone/iPad), PSVita. 

Participated in projects:

  • Engine Editor - creation of the architecture of the game editor application, development and implementation of the editor of: levels, models, particle system and effects, interface;
  • Star Conflict - camera, working with video, implementing a game editor;
  • Planets Under Attack (PC/PS3/XBox360/Mac) - materials;
  • Dance Magic (PC/PS3) - post-effects;
  • Battle vs Chess / Check vs Mate (PC/PS3/XBox360/Mac) - multiplayer, chess engine implementation, camera;
  • Armageddon Riders (PC/PS3) - tools for artists (Maya), level editor;
  • Insane 2 - landscape editor, interface animation;
  • Симбионт / Swarm / MorphX (PC/XBox360) - tools for artists (Maya);
  • Dragon Empire - the only programmer on the project;
  • In Living Colors - the only programmer on the project;
  • Runecast (iPhone/iPad) - own game, released in the AppStore;
  • Racing (iPhone/iPad) - a game created in 2 days in 2010, as an experiment.

2004 - 2013:
The author of the project OkInvest (
Co-author of "G-Dao" (
Co-author of "it works!" (
Co-founder of iLLi-Studio (

Education and competencies

Positions held:

2021 to the present - Member of the Board of Directors of Production and Mining Companies;
2019 to the present - General Director (CEO) of ProValue Industry (launch of industrial, social and infrastructure projects, foreign Economic Activity, Center for the export of Russian goods and technologies);
2016 - 2019 - Head of the Foreign Economic Department (organization and implementation of international commodity contracts, international negotiations, project financing);
2014 - 2016 - Financial Director (CFR), Director of Enterprise Development;
2013 - 2014 - Investment Analyst and Advisor;
2007 - 2013 - Corporate software programmer, graphics and games programmer (PC, Xbox360, PS3, iPhone/iPad);
2004 - 2009 - graduated with honors from Ural State Technical University of USTU-UPI (now called Ural Federal University - UrFU), majoring in "Automated information processing and Management systems";
... - 2004 - graduated from Lyceum No. 10, with in-depth study of physics and mathematics subjects.

Work experience in industries

Wholesale and retail trade, international trade, foreign economic activity;
IT monitoring and management systems, Internet of Things, automation systems (business, transport, processes);
Banking, project financing, investments;
Production of equipment, and commissioning of industrial facilities;
Mining and processing of minerals;
Car service;
Life insurance;
Adult education;
Computer games and entertainment.

Business organization and management:

Sales and negotiations, creation of a sales department;
Business planning, development of financial models and feasibility studies;
Strategic planning and macroeconomic analysis;
Finding financing, working with investors, preparing projects for launch;
Management system setup, business process automation (CRM, ERP);
Project and personnel management;
Team integration, introduction of job descriptions;
Introduction, collection, monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators of business processes;
Document management, drafting contracts in Russian and English.

Finance, investment and capital management, work with professional managers, the total capital in the management of which exceeds 3.5 billion dollars.

Stock analysis from a business perspective, analysis of financial statements of companies;
Professional investment and capital management;
Advanced option strategies in the index and futures markets;
Banking, SWIFT system;
Working with financial instruments (BG/SBLC, LC, Bank Drafts, MTN, Bonds).

Foreign Economic Activity:

International negotiations in Russian and English;
Organization and execution of international commodity and goods supply contracts;
Organization of business missions, conferences, round tables;
Support of export transactions;
Launch of international projects.

Web design, marketing and advertising:

Creation of websites, landing pages, multi-level sales funnels;
Email newsletters, chat-bots, writing selling texts, creating videos;
Development of corporate identity (logo, document templates, color schemes, etc.);
Design of methodological materials and creation of presentations;
Creation of advertising campaigns and analysis of the effectiveness of advertising channels.


Programming in languages: C++, C#, ObjectiveC, PHP/MySQL;
Programming for platforms: .NET, PC, PlayStation3, Xbox360, MacOsX, iOS(iPhone/iPad), PSVita;

Creation of corporate client-server applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications;
Mapping, geo-positioning of objects on the map;
Scheduling systems, event and emergency response automation systems;;

Computer graphics and animation, development of tools for Maya, Photoshop;
Development of a game engine, game editor, artificial intelligence, multiplayer, particle and effects editor, interface and its editor;
Creation of animation systems for sprites, vertices, textures, models, skeletons, characters;
Creating scripts.


Articles on programming

(2012) Convert String to delegate in C# (rus)

(2012) Development of the application interface on paper (rus)

(2012) About the benefits of asynchronous data reading (rus)

(2011) Effective C++ code (rus)

(2011) Creating an application configuration system in C#. The "first-class key" pattern. (rus)

(2011) Writing compact and efficient code in C# (rus)

(2011) The problem of events when editing components from code in WinForms C# (rus)

(2011) Optimization of C# code. Creating the ObjectPool class (rus)

(2011) Optimization of C# code. Working with Assembly resources (rus)

(2011) Creating a singleton in Objective C (rus)

(2011) Splitting a string into tokens in Objective C (rus)

(2011) What is TLS and how to use it? (rus)

(2011) Methods of memory optimization (Memory optimization) C++ (rus)

(2011) How to sign a C# assembly with a strong name. Usage sn.exe (rus)

(2011) How to sign an existing C# dll with a strong name (rus)

(2011) Using a Precompiled file to speed up C++ compilation (rus)

(2011) How to sign a C++/CLI assembly with a strong name (rus)

(2011) Integrating Native code into a C# project (rus)

(2011) Вычисление суммы элементов массива C++ с сохранением точности (rus)

(2011) Calculating the sum of C++ array elements while maintaining accuracy (rus)

(2011) Cross-platform programming. Low-level C++ tools (rus)

(2011) Getting a stack of functions using StackTrace C# (rus)

(2011) Global exception handling in C# (rus)

(2011) POD types in C++ (rus)

(2010) Placement new, or how to create an object in allocated memory (rus)

(2010) Global exception handling in C++ (rus)

(2010) The Singleton pattern in C++. Uncertain Yes, or categorical No? Part 1 and 2 (rus)

(2010) Performance Test: HashMap vs Vector (rus)

(2010) Optimization of C++ code (rus)

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