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ProValue History 2014 - 2020 >>>

2020: The project "Mobilization Economy of Russia" has been prepared
► System of strategic planning and economic management.
► The trajectory of Russia's advanced development.
► A person in a new society.

2020: The project "National Export Center" has been prepared

2016 - 2020: Founder of ProValue Industry
Conducting international negotiations with companies in Russia, China and Hong Kong, Nigeria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Thailand, UAE, Israel, Singapore and USA.
Organization of commodity contracts.
Working with financial instruments (BG/ SBLC, LC, CD, Bank Drafts, MTN, Bonds).
Project financing and preparation of projects for launch.
► Business planning, development of financial models and feasibility studies.
Strategic planning and macroeconomic analysis.

2014 - 2017: Entrepreneur, investor, co-founder of ProValue Group:
The Academy ProValue and the investor Community (YouTube channel)
Course "Value Investing"
Course " Options as a means of Smart Speculation"
Organization Of Investment Conferences
Web development, Design, Art
Marketing & Advertising

2007 - 2013: Программист:
Programmer, developer of software and computer games, for platforms: PC, PlayStation3, Xbox360, MacOsX, iOS(iPhone/iPad), PSVita.

Completed project:

Transport control system "Geomer" (client-server, GPS/Glonass Vehicle control system)
Battle vs Chess / Check vs Mate (PC/PSN/XBox360)
Armageddon Riders (PC/PSN)
Insane 2
Swarm / MorphX (PC/XBox360)
Dragon Empire
In Living Colors
Runecast (iPhone/iPad)

2004 - 2013:
The author of the project OkInvest (
Co-author of "G-Dao" (
Co-author of "it works!" (
Co-founder of iLLi-Studio

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