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    Website is an information portal, and serves as a platform for the initial placement of information from companies on the supply of raw materials, goods, equipment as well as B2B transactions, investments and industrial projects that are about to be launched.

    The information on the website is not a public offer or an offer to enter into a transaction.

    ProValue does not act as a counterparty to published transactions or offers. We provide a direct dialogue between the Supplier and the Buyer.

    Terms of delivery in each case are negotiated between the seller, the buyer or the investor. All agreements between the parties must be recorded, and signed in the form of contracts.

    ProValue under no circumstances shall it be responsible for the performance by suppliers or buyers of their obligations, for the documents provided by them, as well as for the relevance of the information published by companies on our website.

    Wesite does not call for the make of trade deals or investment in any projects. Every decision on the make of the transaction you should be taken consciously, after verification of the counterparty, the study contract and all conditions.

    The responsibility for the delivery, and documents provided by them, as well as the execution of the signed contracts is entirely on the sign parties. Responsibility is carried out within the framework of the legislation governing the signed contracts.

    If any company sets up email for its activities on the domain (like, then this company itself bears full legal responsibility for the correspondence and its content carried out from this email. Official ProValue’s email is only “” listed on the Contact page.

    Remember that successful activity of the company in the past is not a guarantee of profit in the future!


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